Friday, June 8, 2018 - Dilcon Community School

40 Miles North of Winslow

AZ State Route 87 and NR 60

Dilkon, AZ 85047

Empowering Education Through Technology

About the Event

Backbone’s solutions are respected by industry experts as some of the best technology tools available. All technology and software tools are scientifically demonstrated, research-based programs that help students succeed. In addition, Backbone’s on-site professional development programs can offer an array of practical solutions ranging from utilizing technology to support student growth, differentiated instructional strategies, reading intervention, project-based learning, classroom management, and more.

Who should attend?

  • One-to-One Schools
  • Virtual and Online Learning Programs
  • Credit Recovery Programs
  • Blended Learning administrators and instructors
  • Educators who like to create their own content
  • Administrators who are change agents
  • Online Learning Registrars
  • Curriculum Directors and Design Staff
  • Content Specialists
  • Data Strategists


9:30AM: Check-In & Breakfast

Please arrive by check-in time to find a seat and enjoy some coffee and light breakfast items in preparation for the day.

10:00AM: Online & Blended Learning – SchoolsPLP

Differentiated Instruction or Individualized Instruction? Or both?


Gone are the days of using only one publisher to meet the needs of all students in grades K-12. Gone are the days of expensive professional development. Only now has technology caught up with the demands of education. With SchoolsPLP, we couple simplicity and choice into a single ecosystem, a single environment, a single platform to truly meet the needs of the biggest critics in education: students and teachers. Providing teachers and students choice from the latest and most comprehensive online and blended learning course catalog, for grades K-12, made simple.

11:00AM: Reading Intervention – Reading Horizons

Learning to read shouldn’t be a struggle... neither should teaching it.


Because reading is natural for many learners, including their teachers, most people don’t need to know the process involved in learning to read. Thus, few know how to explain it. This makes it extremely difficult to help beginning and struggling readers understand what they need to do to find reading success. The Reading Horizons approach simplifies the challenge of teaching reading into simple and powerful skills that clarify how to read, including: the Five Phonetic Skills, Two Decoding Skills, and the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet. With the right tools and strategies, you can make learning to read a simple, enjoyable experience for your students.

Each workshop attendee will receive free access to the Reading Horizons Online Reading Workshop for 30 days

11:45AM: LUNCH

Lunch provided at no cost for educators.

12:15PM: Math Instruction & Intervention – Mathspace

The process is more important than the final answer.


You care about how the student got the answer, not just the final result. We do too! Through the use of iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, and other devices, we want to put the focus back on learning for engagement, meaning and personal growth. That’s why we built Mathspace, to support students at every step of their calculations, with feedback, hints and suggestions. This helps them to develop a deeper understanding of important mathematical concepts and build strong growth mindsets. With Mathspace you can easily see how individual students are tracking and can pinpoint areas of struggle.

1:00PM: Interactive Panels Genee World

Experience what the classroom can be!


Interactive flat panel touchscreen displays, the next generation of technology available in the classroom, are driving group learning to a new level of relevance and engagement. The state-of-the art touch displays allow all students – including those with disabilities – to become more engaged with the curriculum being taught. These interactive displays are the first major step in education for intuitive technologies that allow students to experience high-definition imagery, touch, gestures, and engagement with the content, the learning, and each other.


We will examine student engagement, collaboration, accommodations, safety and security options, implementation, and how to save time and money replacing your existing broken down comprehensive interactive whiteboards and projectors.

2:00PM: Thank You!


This workshop is free for educators.

Lunch is included.